Dong A Diamond Garlic – Gloden products for community health 2015

08:20 15/06/2015
In Jun 5th 2015, Dong A Diamond Garlic was honored to receive the Golden Products for community health by Vietnam Association of Functional Food. This event took place in the Ho Chi Minh City is a part of the International Food Festival Function & Beauty Products, Healthcare Vietnam 2015.

dong a diamond garlic

Dong A Diamond garlic are produced in accordance with the technological process by the Department of Science and Technology in Hanoi transfer certificate exclusive and monitored by experts from the company Nagamine - Japan. East Asia has diamond garlic taste sweet, soft physical profit, no pungent smell, unpleasant pungency of garlic, bland, extremely attractive.Through the conversion of natural compounds, fermentation increases nutritional value, antioxidant activity, as well as many other precious biological effects of pharmaceuticals. The active ingredient S-allylcysteine ​​(SAC), polyphenol diamond in East Asian Garlic gives users multiple effects such as gastrointestinal irritation, reduce bloating full; Reduce blood cholesterol, prevent and reduce atherosclerosis in the arteries, obesity; Stabilize blood pressure, cardiovascular protection; Hypoglycemia;Lowering liver enzymes, hepatocellular protection; Antioxidants, limited aging, reduce stress; Protect nerve cells, enhance memory; Stimulate immunity, increase resistance; Inhibit the growth of cancer cells, ...

Gloden products for community health for the Dong A Diamond garlic is the pride of the company to continuously improve the quality, reputation for consumer products. This is also the company strategy is to invest in research, producing a basically, in-depth, as well as spend more enthusiasm for the long-term development of the product.

Amiana Nha Trang