Dong A Diamond Garlic (Functional Food) - Black garlic


Story about black diamond

Only found in the wild in Brazil and the Central African Republic, Black diamond is the rarest gem in the diamond family. Wearing the colors of the mysterious night, the vast universe, black diamond brings sense of elegant style, luxurious, powerful and magical attraction. In order to meet increasing demand for this rare gem, the processor has tirelessly manipulated research and success in creating artificial diamonds from other kinds of diamond under the influence of a very high temperature and irradiation to alter the crystal structure of the diamond.

The success of artificial diamonds with the fortuitous luck had originated the idea transforming a human medicinal product has been used for over 5000 years for prevention and treatment - Garlic. Health benefits of garlic were recorded in thousands of documents and scientific works but many people still afraid to use it because of the unpleasant odor of this kind of medicinal herbs. Because of Japanese scientist’s success in about 10 years, consumers now can approach to Black garlic – Black diamond fermented from garlic with pleasant odor.

black diamon

Through the exclusive technology transform from Japanese partners, with almost 20 years of experience in the field ò health care and protection, Dong A Pharma had tried to bring to Vietnamese people the best quality product from Japan, Black Garlic – Dong A Diamond Garlic.

Dong A Diamond Garlic (Functional Food) - Black garlic

Dong A Diamond Garlic (Functional Food) was naturally fermented according to the technology process transformed under supervision of experts from NAGAMINE, a Japanese corporation. The technology transform was confirmed by Department of Science and Technology through Certificate of registration of technology transformed contract No. 08/2014/HĐCGCN-SKHCN, 10th October, 2014. Production process from raw materials selection to fermentation, analyzing, preservation, ... was made with precision, meticulous to detail, in order to create Black Garlic – Dong A Diamond Garlic.

dong a diamon garlic

Dong A Diamond Garlic is soft, has a light sweet taste, fragrant, extremely attractive and no longer pungent smell, nasty spicy of garlic. Through the metabolism of natural compounds, fermentation improves nutritional value, antioxidant activity as well as many other biological effects of medicinal properties.

The active ingredients such as S-allylcysteine ​​(SAC), Polyphenol, axit amin, ... in Black Garlic – Dong A Diamond Garlic bring to users many beneficial effect: Stimulate digestion, anti-flatulence, help to eat more delicious, support digestion of food, lower cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, stabilize blood pressure, increase resistance to environmental factors, help to protect the heart, limiting the aging process.

Use 1 to 2 black garlic twice a day for maximum effectiveness in preventing and supporting the treatment of related diseases.

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